Let’s Talk Tech X Entertainment

Let’s Talk Tech X Entertainment

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Join Los Angeles Urban Leauge Young Professionals Entertainment Committee for a conversation on storytelling in 2018 and beyond.

This year, there has been many conversations on the trends in technology and the lack of African Americans thriving in the space including National Urban League’s State of Black America. Couple the need for people of color to develop in STEM with the need for diversity in Hollywood, you don’t want to miss out on this amazing panel for insights on tools you need to create new products and content to remain at a competitive advantage.

The technology landscape is forever changing and people of color should not only create but own their stories.

Join as moderator Julian Mitchell (Forbes) speaks with Brandon Johnson (BigFooters), Carla Santiago (Stori), Jameela Jackson (Startup Grind Hollywood Chapter), and Tyler Bell (Annenburg Foundation) to talk about how to create, own, and distribute content in the digital age.

Key take aways include:

  • How to create compelling stories using emerging tech
  • How to build equity in the tech market
  • Tools needed to tell effective digital stories
  • Resources to connect with other black tech professionals
  • Ideas on the future of digital storytelling

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Brandon Carter
Author: Brandon Carter