New Movie Alert: Sister Code!

New Movie Alert: Sister Code!

The wait is almost over and the highly anticipated film “Sister Code” gears up to make its debut at select AMC theaters across the country beginning May 8, 2015 (Mother’s Day Weekend).  This limited release is very exciting for us because we are proud to say that our agenda is much larger than just us. We believe that it is important to SUPPORT and PROMOTE Urban and Indie Films.

“Sister Code” has African American film writers, executive producers, actors, directors, along with a strong female cast. The reason for our mission, which is to get behind this movement by ensuring that Indie, Urban and Women professionals continue to have opportunities in this space, is exemplified in the outstanding cast and professional leadership seen in this production.

Theaters in Los Angeles:

  • Ontario Mills 30 
  • Orange 30 
  • Norwalk
  • Atlantic Times Square
  • Burbank Town Center


Our Philanthropic Mission is Lupus: Lupus is very near and dear to the heart of this film, and therefore a portion of proceeds will be directed to the Lupus Foundation that we support! The “We Win” Foundation has a mission of restoring hope, strength and comfort to the individual/family/caregiver of Lupus and other autoimmune diseases.

Finally, SALES!!!! In order for opportunities to thrive in this space, we must have a successful release and guaranteed box office success. So let’s join forces and help advance all of these agendas.

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Tracey Lincoln
Author: Tracey Lincoln