Free Tuition @ UCR: Master of Public Policy

Free Tuition @ UCR: Master of Public Policy

UC Riverside is starting its new Master of Public Policy program and
is offering free tuition for the two-year program to accepted
students. I highly encourage any member who are interested in
furthering their education and pursuing a career in government, law,
or public affairs to consider this opportunity.


*August 31* – Final deadline for complete applications (slots and
financial aid to be awarded on a rolling basis).

No tuition for qualified applicants!

$5,000 internship stipend!
UCR’s Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree will provide a new and
different focus from other public policy programs. Three
distinguishing characteristics of the program will position it to be a
national leader in public policy thought, education, and scholarship:

1. The UCR MPP program will be unique in its emphasis on the
intersection and synergies between environmental and social policies.

2. It will train students in “regional” policy-making, or
policy-making that transcends traditional jurisdictional and
administrative boundaries (such as the city, county, state and

3. Finally, it will highlight similarities between the policy
challenges facing local communities in the United States (such as
communities in Inland Southern California) and policy problems
confronting emerging countries (such as Mexico, Brazil, China, and
India). It will train students in the skills of applying policy
lessons learned globally to the policy challenges facing local
communities in the United States.


– We are looking for socially-motivated and idealistic students to be
part of our inaugural cohort. The program is open for fall 2015 admission
to applicants who have successfully completed:
– undergraduate courses in microeconomics, statistics, and an
introduction to politics and government, or equivalent courses. (Please
note that a student may still be admitted with course
deficiencies. Contact
our office for more information).
– a bachelor’s degree (or an approved equivalent from an accredited
– *Note to International Applicants*: Due to pending SEVIS approval, we
are currently unable to accept international applications at this time.


Tracey Lincoln
Author: Tracey Lincoln